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Is Chocolate “Good” For You

We could of course talk about the health benefits of chocolate all day. We could go into, listing every single benefit and boon that eating chocolate gives you – and we’ve done so in a later section.

However – the most important benefits for you to know are simple. They’re easy to understand. They’re so straightforward that every woman and man should make a habit out of eating chocolate.

First of all, you’ll need to make sure that you’re eating genuine chocolate with high cocoa content. Once you’ve made sure of this, you can realize that eating two servings of chocolate per week will reduce your risk for heart failure by over 30% . Dark chocolate also causes weight loss, due to the filling sensation it has (far more so than lighter chocolate).

If you eat chocolate during your pregnancy, you seem more likely to cope with the stresses of motherhood, in addition to your babies smiling more! Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which means that by eating it, you’ll become resistant to diabetes and less likely to develop an insulin resistance (by up to 50%!)

Chocolate also reduces stress – it’s been proven that eating chocolate regularly reduces stress hormone levels. As odd as it may sound, chocolate also helps your skin develop sun protection – taking almost twice as long to develop reddish burns that are indicators of sunburn compared to people who didn’t eat chocolate. The flavonoids in chocolate also make you more intelligent – studies show that people who regularely consume dark chocolate or wine score higher on cognitive tests.

Apart from this, dark chocolate is also medicine. It quiets coughing almost as well as codeine (due to the amounts of theobromine contained) and has none of the negative side effects. Next time you have a cough, take dark chocolate!

Be assured that these are only some of the more prominent benefits found for chocolate. The fact is that studies are being performed today to look for the health benefits of chocolate all over the world. Much like a regular, limited consumption of red wine (also beneficial), the regular consumption of high-cocoa chocolate is incredibly beneficial to your health.