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Wine Characteristics

Wine Description Notes
Champagne Carbonated sparkling wine most commonly made from chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. Apple, ginger, honeydew, toast, pear, almond
Muscat Light sweet wine (less acidic than other dessert wines.) Orange, grape, peach, apricot
Riesling Light sweet wine. Floral, citrus and nectar (apple, pear, lemon)
Chardonnay Crisp flavors made from the main grape used in both champagne and white burgundies. Figs, peach, hazelnuts, honey, spice, pineapple, banana, mango
Pinot Noir This thin skin grape produces complex tangy flavors. Berries (black berries and red berries), grass, spices, cranberry, red currant
Merlot Ranges from light to full-bodied wine with a slight spicy grape. Cherry, plum, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry.
Cabernet Sauvignon Rich bold tannic (acidic) wines sometimes referred to as “cabs.” Melon, spicy cherry, peppery, smoky
Zinfandel Full-bodied wine, especially California Zinfandels Chocolate, spicy, smoky, roasted black fruit, raisin
Shiraz Big flavored wines, lush and exotic. Spice, pepper, smoke, black cherry, blackberry, fig
Port Fortified wine with up to 40 grape varieties. Nut, caramel, toffee, anise
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